How about being the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The MyPhy Individual – Online Programme is a 10-step accelerator video and audio-based journey towards a more confident, a more decisive, a more fulfilled version of you. Our secret? Changing your mindset and upgrading your skill-set. See what we mean below …

Building a new skill-set to enjoy tangible outcomes that help you transform

Learn to
Take a helicopter view of your life
to make better decisions
Sense your “energy shifts”
to better understand your body
Create your personal vision of happiness
to clarify where you’re going
Discover your values, processes and aspirations
to focus on what matters most
Use the power of your sub-conscious mind
to accelerate your development
Align your performance and purpose
to achieve your life goals faster
Close your Happiness “Gap”
to better help others close theirs

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The MyPhy Individual – Online Programme Package

What You Get:

15 Video Tutorials

+ 8 Audio Discovery Sessions

+ 35-Page MyPhy Document

+ Monthly Group Coaching Call for 12 months

+ Access from all your Devices

+ Free Upgrades to the Programme for 5 Years

Access to MyPhyLife FaceBook Page

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