Jonathan is the founder of MyPhy

Originally from New Zealand, Jonathan had a successful career as a Lawyer and Partner in a Multi-Family Office in Geneva, where for nearly 15 years he helped high and ultra-high-net-worth families grow their businesses and protect their fortunes. At age 40, he reoriented his career, trained in coaching, public speaking, and leadership and created MyPhy in order to offer developmental coaching to his clients.

He now works with companies across the banking, tech, energy and pharma sectors, as well as with NGOs and tertiary education institutions, from Silicon Valley to Kazakhstan, where he takes care of individuals ranging from high potential young executives right through to CEOs, and their teams, helping them to upskill mission critical areas like decision-making, boosting core self-belief, public speaking, greater work-life balance, and increasing their visibility and influence. He delivers his services through highly experiential 1-2-1 coaching journeys, team coaching journeys, as well as facilitating team off-sites and retreats.