Jonathan is the founder of MyPhy

Inspired by a life-changing experience 20 years ago in Hunza, one of the most remote areas of Pakistan, Jonathan, aged 40, made the decision to leave a successful and promising legal career advising high net worth families, to live out his true passion: helping people reach their personal and professional objectives.

Born in Geneva, Jonathan was raised in Switzerland, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom before spending his Gap year in Hunza. There, he lived with a family of potato farmers and their 10 children in a two-room house. He taught the village children English and learned that leadership is not only for the privileged but for the whole community. By the time he left, his students aspired to go beyond their tiny valley high in the Karakorams, to contribute to society and to concentrate on being fair and just.

When, two decades later, Jonathan was invited to take a leadership role in an exclusive law firm, he reflected on his time in Hunza and realized just how much that experience had altered his view and his perspective of making the world a better place.

His work today involves accompanying teams, families and individuals in creating and applying their own ‘philosophy of life’ (hence MyPhy) to achieve greater purpose, performance and fulfillment in work and life contexts.

After years of globetrotting, Jonathan is back in Geneva where he lives with his family.