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Programme 1

Becoming a "CEO" of Myself


  • Develop Yourself and Your Leadership Potential through Practical Tips and Strategies
  • Improve Your Visibility and Influence by Creating a Strong Personal & Professional Brand
  • Maintain High Energy by Achieving Better Balance in Your Personal-Professional Life

Programme 2

Becoming a "CEO" of My Team


  • Learn to Motivate and Inspire Your Team by Mastering Critical Soft Skills
  • Deliver Better Results by Nurturing a Culture of “Growth Mindset”
  • Optimise Your Team’s Talents and Time by Leveraging Key Resources

Programme 3

Becoming a "CEO" of My Organisation


  • Experience a New Level of “Total Awareness” Propelling You to Exceptional Business Leadership
  • Discover How to Lead Your Organisation to Sustained and Sustainable Growth
  • Create a Future Steered by the Choices You Make Today

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Meet the team

Jonathan Cave, MyPhy founder

Jonathan is an entrepreneur, coach and facilitator working with top CEOs, executives and business owners in finance, sustainability, pharma, health care and well-being. Originally from New Zealand, he is the founder and CEO of MyPhy, a Swiss-based centre of leadership excellence. He is also the founder of JC Solutions, a company advising high-net-worth families on NextGen issues. He is a lawyer by profession and spent nearly 15 years serving some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs in an advisory role, He is an international conference speaker, enjoys meeting people and having meaningful conversations.

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Cassandre Burgess

Cassandre Burgess is the Business Development Manager at MyPhy as well as a coach and workshop facilitator. She is also adjunct Professor at Geneva Business School (GBS) where she teaches several courses including M&A and Project Management. Originally from South Africa, she has extensive experience in the mining industry and in finance. She is active in multiple associations and community groups in the Geneva region, combining professional and family life.

Susan Baragwanath

Susan Baragwanath is an authority in Women’s Leadership. She has had extensive international experience in education and criminal justice and has mentored dozens of women from all walks of life. She has recently organized three international strategic programs for Women’s Leadership, chaired international search committees for outstanding women leaders, and is a Distinguished Eisenhower Fellow. In 2005, she received the highest academic award in the Humanities, Doctor of Letters, for education reform of school age mothers in New Zealand.

Diane Shoemaker

Diane Shoemaker is a coach and mentor to women leaders around the world. She is an international keynote conference speaker, and former Senior Director, Eisenhower Fellowships where she acted under the Chairmanship of Dr. Henry Kissinger, President George H.W. Bush, and General Colin Powell. A founding member of the Global Leadership Consortium, she has assisted a generation of women to become outstanding leaders in education, sustainability, finance and entrepreneurship, government and the arts.

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