Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Cave, “MyPhy” is short for “MyPhilosophy”, the personal philosophy each of us is invited to create in order to access and leverage the best of who we are.

The MyPhy Vision is to develop a new generation of exceptional leaders, by creating the world’s most innovative “learn-by-doing” leadership development company.

Our Mission is to deliver online and face-to-face coaching, workshops and events that challenge, inspire and transform our clients.

Our Team of world-class coaches and facilitators have proven track records in their fields of enterprise. Each one of us has chosen to help others identify and leverage their authenticity and talents.

The MyPhy Approach is based on aligning :

Body – for health and energy

Mind – for ability and performance

Spirit – for confidence and purpose

The Results

Strong Foundations – to be anchored and authentic

Leveraged Talents – to help you “fly” as a person and in your field of activity

Clear Vision – to help you achieve your personal, professional and/or business objectives

Our Clients include leaders from Silicon Valley tech giants, large banks, multi-nationals and international NGOs; the heads and NextGens of some of the world’s wealthiest families; as well as entrepreneurs from around the world.

A Handrail to Success

MyPhy acts as a handrail to human empowerment and exceptional leadership by providing a “stretch zone” environment for people to grow and shine.