Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Cave, “MyPhy” is a leadership development company focused on helping aspiring and existing CEOs (and their teams) empower themselves and others towards sustained growth and tangible results.

Our Vision is to develop exceptional leaders by creating the world’s most innovative, “learn-by-doing” leadership development company.

Our Mission is to deliver online and face-to-face programmes, coaching, and events that challenge, inspire and transform our clients.

Our Team is made up of world-class coaches and facilitators with proven track records of success.

Our Leadership Approach is based on a simple premise:

-> To lead an organisation, you first need to learn how to lead others;

-> To lead others, you first need to learn how to lead yourself;

-> Only when you know how to lead and empower yourself in your personal and professional life, can you truly help others do the same and shine.

Our Unique Leadership Development Process turns this premise into a reality we call:

The New “CEO”: Becoming a Chief Empowerment Officer of

->Yourself (step 1)

->Your Team (step 2)

->Your Organisation (step 3)

The Result? Respected leaders who empower, influence and inspire the people and environments they live and work in.

Our Clients include leaders and their teams from:

  • Banks
  • Multi-nationals
  • SMEs
  • Law firms
  • International NGOs
  • Silicon Valley tech giants

Contact Us at to set up a free “no obligation” call to learn more and determine whether this is for you.