A “soft skills” accelerator workshop towards exceptional leadership

Who for

Managers seeking to enhance soft skills, lead by example and create a culture of continuous improvement




Geneva, Switzerland


CHF1'360.00 + VAT


  • A two-day workshop to develop self-belief, new skills and a new mindset to actively contribute in the step growth of their company
  • Interactive exercises, group debriefs and identification of key learnings to apply in daily leadership tasks
  • An experience that harnesses the power of the group to take every person to the next level in their leadership development journey.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify values, talents and aspirations and learn how to integrate them into current leadership role
  • Understand and apply “growth mindset” best practices to increase leadership capabilities
  • Improve soft skills (listening, public speaking, feedback, etc.) to go from good to great leadership.

What success looks like – you will have

  • a new “soft skills” toolkit to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • a new mindset and a clear 2020 action plan to achieve objectives
  • a new network of like-minded leaders to support you going forward

What people say about the workshop

  • Amazing! The full methodology based on values was my favorite part, and then the reflection on my 10 top life-changing moments.
    David F.
  • The workshop was incredibly insightful and gave us a chance to focus on us. It contributed by helping me embrace who I am and my leadership style, embracing other’s true self and how that affects how they approach the job.
    Eléonore V.

Workshop Facilitator

Jonathan Cave

MyPhy Founder

A lawyer by profession, Jonathan is a leadership coach and workshop facilitator who works with top leaders and companies around the world. He is the founder of MyPhy, a Geneva-based centre of leadership expertise. He is a highly sought-after international conference speaker and enjoys nurturing authenticity and talent in dynamic people.