Taking you from imbalance and low energy to balance and high energy!

Who for

Busy men and women suffering from low energy and imbalance, seeking practical ways to do something about it




Geneva, Switzerland


CHF680.00 + VAT


  • A one-day workshop to develop your capacity to energise, align and re-balance yourself in any environment, leading to higher performance and satisfaction.
  • A combination of practical exercises and theory "vitamins boosts" in a safe and supportive environment.
  • A powerful experience that harnesses the power of the group to take every person to the next level in their professional and personal development journey.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand how you function (sleep patterns, intelligences, energy cycles, stress points, etc.) and how to leverage these as strengths and not weaknesses
  • Learn how to adopt simple routines that change your mind-set and body energy towards higher tangible performance
  • Develop your very own toolkit using the MyPhy Life Balance Workbook as a guide to your new positive habits

What Success Looks Like – You Will Have

  • A greater confidence and capacity to take yourself to a state of higher performance in any environment
  • A practical toolkit (30-page workbook) to help you handle any situation from a place of energy and balance
  • A new network to support you in your journey to achieving your objectives and overcoming your challenges going forward.

Workshop Facilitator

Martin de Waziers

After Ecole Polytechnique Paris and Harvard Business School, he spent 25 years working in the USA, Japan, and around Europe specializing in business strategy, administration and management.

He has expertise in leadership and team development as well as complex decision-making. His particular interest in life balance has led to international workshops and one-on-one’s, enabling leaders to develop stronger foundations in their professional and private lives.