Accelerate and facilitate your leadership journey, strengthen your inner power and your ability to lead

Who for

Managers wanting to increase their "respons-ability", lead in a synchronisation with the 4Ps: people-planet-purpose-profit, and create agile companies.




Geneva, Switzerland


CHF1'360.00 + VAT


  • A two-day workshop to understand the evolution of organisations, identify your current position and the way forward
  • Explore how leadership contributes to the development organizations
  • Gain insights into the 5 dimensions of modern leadership. based on timeless wisdom of indigenous people from 5 continents: aroha-eb-ikigai-oikos-ubuntu, condensed in the AEIOU of leadership
  • Exercise, reflect and identify your challenges and find suitable approaches to tackle them
  • Learn from the experiences of others

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify the leadership attributes needed to foster the development of your organisation
  • Understand the need to cultivate all five dimensions of the leadership for tomorrow
  • Create your leadership style in synchronization with your values, vision and purpose

What Success Looks Like – You Will Have

  • The knowledge of 5D leadership to use in your daily activities
  • The set of 4P filters to quadruple check if your decisions will lead you to sustainable success
  • The methodology to transform the timeless wisdom

What people say about the AEIOU of leadership

  • The AEIOU of leadership brings together the essence of what we need for a better future everywhere. Vision, inspiration, insight, and a practical bridge leading from where you are today to that better future for all of us.
    Patrick D. Cowden, Founder & Beyonder, Germany
  • She weaves together the threads of ancient wisdom within an incredibly relevant modern context so that leaders from any sector or environment can benefit from her fresh insights into age-old challenges.
    Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories, UK

Workshop Facilitator

Sonja Klopčič

An engineer and master of economy by profession, Sonja is a developer of modern leadership, coach and workshop facilitator who works with progressive organizations and top leaders. She is the founder of the AEIOU of leadership, 5D dynamic leadership structure for the future. She is the Ambassador of Knowledge and Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All.