Using Project Management Tools and Techniques to successfully manage your daily life

Who for

Women trying to manage work and family, who never seem to have enough time and feel constantly frazzled!




Geneva, Switzerland


CHF680.00 + VAT


  • A one-day workshop to help you cut through the noise and help you prioritise what really needs to be done
  • Practical exercises in small group of 6-8 in a safe and supportive environment
  • Ongoing support as you embed these techniques into your life going forward

Workshop Objectives

  • Increase efficiency in managing and achieving daily tasks
  • Reduce daily stress and increase your happiness
  • Boost confidence in your ability to make decisions

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Gain practical tips, tools and techniques that work in your daily life to manage all that needs to be done with maximum efficiency and minimum stress
  • Create a plan for getting on top of things and staying there
  • Achieve a better balance between work and family life, boosting your sense of happiness and well-being

Workshop Facilitator

Cassandre Burgess

Cassandre designs and delivers workshops as part of her vast array of MyPhy responsibilities, which include Co-Chairing the annual Women’s Leadership Conference, and head of business development.

In addition, Cassandre is Adjunct Professor at Geneva Business School (GBS), where she teaches courses including Banking, Project Management, Investment Psychology and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Originally from South Africa and the UK, she has extensive experience in the diamond mining industry and in financial services. She is active in multiple associations and community groups in the Geneva region, combining professional life with running a family of three children.