Create your inspiring 2021 vision with clear objectives and a detailed roadmap to achieve them

Who for

Managers, Leaders, Business Owners, Senior Professionals



January to March 2021 (8 weeks)


Online via Zoom


CHF2'250.00 + VAT

Programme Deliverables

  • You will have clarity on what success looks like in 2021 and how you will get there
  • You will improve decision-making and strengthen your foundations through greater self-awareness  
  • You will be able to generate results faster, by accelerating your learning abilities with "growth mindset"
  • You will learn how to sustain high performance levels for longer periods by acquiring energy-boosting tools and techniques
  • You will develop stronger inner confidence through assertiveness and resilience training
  • You will increase your public profile and ability to make valuable contacts by learning effective networking skills.

Programme Format

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions of 1h each, to work on specific focus areas
  • 4 group coaching sessions of 1h30 each, to leverage the power of the collective mind
  • Personalised coaching book with strategies, guidance and exercises to embed key learnings
  • Leaders' group support system going forward to motivate and help each other

Programme Testimonials

  • The MyPhy Vision Programme has been a game changer for me. It brought me clarity on my purpose and consciousness about what I bring to the table.
    Zoë Falquet, Sustainability Lead, Energy Company
  • I strongly recommend this programme, with an amazing team of coaches, an inspiring group of women leaders, and many tips and tools to clarify my own values, talents and vision for 2020 and beyond. It helped me gain confidence in my ability to lead my own organisation and projects.
    Elise Buckle, President & Co-Founder of Climate & Sustainability
  • The Vision Programme has been such an accelerator. The structure is very well thought through and the result has been astonishing. Highly recommended.
    Carine Jacquier, Equicoaching Business Owner

Workshop Facilitators

Jonathan Cave

MyPhy Founder

A lawyer by profession, Jonathan is a leadership coach and workshop facilitator who works with top leaders and companies around the world. He is the founder of MyPhy, a Geneva-based centre of leadership expertise. He is a highly sought-after international conference speaker and enjoys nurturing authenticity and talent in dynamic people.

Susan Baragwanath

Susan leads the team on Women’s Leadership with a proven record in education reform encouraging women to use their talents to make positive changes in their lives and the wider community. She has lost count of how many women she has coached and mentored over the years but is happy to take the credit for one who was a single mum at 16 (and again at 18) and went on to get a PhD in Chemistry discovering 5 new anti-malarial compounds.

Diane Shoemaker

Diane has spent the past thirty years selecting and coaching women leaders from around the world in her role as Director with Eisenhower Fellowships under the Chairmanship of President George H. W. Bush, Dr Henry Kissinger and General Colin Powell, respectively. She has assisted a generation of women to become outstanding leaders in education, sustainability, finance, entrepreneurship, government and the arts. Diane has been recognized for strategically nurturing active engagement among professionals at the highest levels. Diane was instrumental in launching EF’s Youth Leadership Initiative. She is a founding member of the Global Leadership Consortium.