What is MyPhy Family?

It is an innovative approach to overcoming family issues and preparing the future, by developing the family’s most precious asset – its human capital.

Through workshops and specialised coaching, our experts work with family members of all ages to overcome sensitive family issues and challenges so that the family stays together and prospers over time.

MyPhy has also teamed up with Capitalium Advisors, Kinetic Consulting and MB&D Consulting to deliver a highly interactive Next Generation Development Programme designed to help younger family members become successful decision-makers, value-creators and legacy-drivers going forward.

Our Model

Sustainable SuccessPerformanceHigh PerformanceLiving PurposePotentialPurpose

Our Vision

We Believe

To prosper over time, families need to overcome challenges that prevent them from achieving "inter" and "intra" generational sustainability

We Provide

Proven tools and strategies that help families develop their own communication, cohesion and result-driven processes for the benefit of all.

We Deliver

An independent and non-judgmental customised programme designed to create a clear pathway to fulfilling family objectives.

Our Pointsof DifferenceWe focus on helping families create their own "success" mechanismsWe provide a family report with follow-up guidanceWe tailor-make our workshops to address specific needsWe deliver follow-up sessions to ensure lasting resultsWe have over 40 years experience looking after familiesOur Pointsof DifferenceWe ecreatetheir own "success" mechanismsWe provide awithfollow-up guidanceWeour programsto address specific needsWe deliverto ensure lasting resultsWe have overexperiencelooking after families

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