Do you want to accelerate your development and generate more impact?

Personalised coaching is a powerful and effective way to achieve objectives, find clarity and accelerate your development. Our team of international coaches – each of whom has demonstrated remarkable success in their respective fields – accompany each client on an intimate journey towards becoming a better person, a better leader and a reference in their field.

One-on-one coaching relative to:

Achieving specific objectives more quickly and effectively
Preparing for new challenges as well as changing contexts
Finding clarity on purpose and direction for greater impact
Developing unshakeable confidence and assertiveness to get what you want

For a long time I had felt unhappy and disorientated with my work and in my life - nothing I did made a difference. Then Jonathan introduced me to MyPhy and my incredible journey began. Not only is he genuinely interested in your journey, but he has tested everything he tells you. I am truly honoured and grateful for having taken this awakening journey with him and would encourage anyone who wants a real change of perspective and to find alignment to give it a committed try.

Executive Coaching – Delphine V., International Organisation

There are moments in life when you are really blocked by not being able to take decisions, and this makes you suffer. The work I did with Jonathan helped me to look into who I truly am, giving me the strength to look forward with a new mindset, irrespective of what the future will be. Thank you.

Executive Coaching – Patricia A., Senior Banker

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