Do you want to “stand and deliver” like a professional speaker?

Speaking clearly and confidently in public is a “must-have” leadership trait that is now more important than ever. Indeed, as individuals, our professional reputation and “leader persona” depend on it!

By employing effective and engaging speech-writing strategies, practising delivery to gain confidence, and by using an energising pre-speech routine, your public speaking can become a powerful new tool in your leadership toolkit to inspire others and fast-track your career. Sleepless nights and anxiety before delivering a speech will become a thing of the past!

One-on-one coaching in:

How to structure powerful presentations
Tips and tools to reduce lead-up stress
Delivery practice for specific events
Writing great speeches that engage and inspire

Jonathan coached me for a very important speech I had to give in front of 200 senior people in my organisation. He helped me clarify the key messages, structure the presentation, align the visuals with the speech and finally, he helped me practice my delivery for maximum impact. The result? I managed my stress very well, really enjoyed the whole experience, and delivered the best speech I have ever given. I give Jonathan my highest recommendation in respect to anyone wanting some help in confidently and effectively presenting in public.

Public Speaking – Global HR Director, Wealth Management, Swiss Private Bank

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