Do you want a team that is connected, engaged and high-performing?

Great success always comes from the efforts of people working together, not from one person working alone. Team development is a process aimed at ensuring the “many” function in a way that confirms clarity of common purpose, creates systems to leverage individual talents, and delivers effectiveness to achieve results, all while having fun doing it ! Our team workshops offer a wide array of innovative, highly interactive experiences that bond and unite a team towards greater performance and well-being.

Workshops on:

Creating Team “ID” (for new teams)
Developing Team Vision (for teams lacking direction)
Team Action-Planning (for teams lacking practical roadmaps)
Dealing with specific team challenges (i.e. lack of engagement or communication issues)

“A great team-building offsite, facilitated by the “dynamic duo”, Jonathan and Martin. Their exercises helped reinforce our sense of belonging and shared purpose, our caring for each other in the face of pressure and heavy workload, and allowed the more junior or discrete members to feel heard and treated equally."

Team Development – Global HR Director, Wealth Management, Private Bank

“Thanks for providing a very valuable intervention and follow-up session. The fun and interactive exercises helped clarify our values and other key reference points we will rely on going forward. Jonathan’s dynamism and natural passion was infectious.”

Team Development – Team Head, Swiss Private Bank

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