Geneva, Switzerland

The New “CEO”: Becoming a Chief Empowerment Officer

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 3-step leadership journey to becoming a leader who motivates, inspires and empowers their way to success. Step 1 is focused on becoming a “CEO” of yourself, step 2 on becoming a “CEO” of your team; and step 3 on becoming a “CEO” of your organisation. Each step is delivered online over a period of 10 weeks and is designed for managers, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to deliver growth and results fast. Write to us at if you want to participate in one of our programmes.

Geneva, Switzerland

Postponement of WLC 20

It is with great regret that, owing to the current COVID-19 situation in Geneva, we have decided to reschedule the Women’s Leadership Conference. We will advise the new date in due course, and look forward to welcoming our participants and great speakers at this later date!

Geneva, Switzerland

Vision 2021 Coaching Programme for Men

Following the great success of the Vision 2020 programme for men leaders, MyPhy is pleased to launch the Vision 2021 coaching programme for men. Beginning at the end of September, this is an opportunity to clarify goals and objectives for 2021, and a tangible roadmap to achieving this vision. For more information, click here

Geneva, Switzerland

Vision 2021 Coaching Programme for Women

Described as “life changing” by one of the participants on the Vision 2020 women’s coaching programme, we are pleased to launch the new Vision 2021 coaching programme for women. If you are looking for something better in 2021, this is the programme for you: some of the key deliverables include greater clarity, more energy and more confidence to deliver better results. If this speaks to you, get in touch 

Geneva, Switzerland

Women’s Leadership Conference 2020

MyPhy is delighted to announce that the second annual Women’s Leadership Conference will be held on November 10th, here in Geneva. We are inviting dynamic women leaders to share experiences and key learnings for leading during uncertain times. The conference will be held with the strictest safety measures in mind and for more information or to register, click here

Geneva, Switzerland

Grow your inner wealth

MyPhy Founder and CEO, Jonathan Cave, teamed up with Feisal Alibhai, founder of Qineticare, the world’s first Family Health Office, to explore how to grow your inner wealth. You can watch the full webinar here or reach out at to find out how to apply these practical strategies in your life.

Geneva, Switzerland


With so many of us continuing to work remotely, we all need to update our toolkits for running meetings and workshops effectively, keeping participants engaged throughout and avoiding Zoom fatigue! The MyPhy SPACER method gives your intervention traction and impact, whether delivered in person or online. To find out more about this technique and receive your FREE SPACER template to use immediately, contact us at

Geneva, Switzerland

Vision 2020 Leadership Programme

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the third Vision 2020 Leadership Programme. Through a series of individual and group coaching sessions, this exclusive coaching programme for men and women leaders gave participants clarity of vision, a greater self-awareness for better decision making and practical tools to accelerate the path to success. If you are a leader looking to enhance your self-leadership, the next Vision programme will run from September to November. Please email us at for more information.

Geneva, Switzerland

“Dare to Become an Influential & Effective Leader Programme” Starting Soon!

MyPhy is delighted to announce the new dates this leadership coaching programme which starts end July finishing end of September. It is designed to help senior managers and business owners master the strategies that help them be more effective and influential, to deliver better results. This interactive online group coaching experience brings together leaders from around the world to learn, exchange and network in a very empowering and supportive setting. To find out more, click here.

Geneva, Switzerland

MyPhy E-Learning Programme – Free Access!

We are making our online e-learning programme accessible to the world, as our contribution to “Community” during this COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever, people feel the need to reset and reboot, in order to better face the great challenges (health, economic, social etc.) that lie ahead. To be able to look forward with genuine confidence and courage, we need to come from a place of greater clarity and balance. This programme helps you get to that place. Click here to access

Geneva, Switzerland

How to Leverage Your Talents & Make Better Decisions

MyPhy Founder Jonathan Cave delivered a 2-hour remote workshop to 100+ students and alumni of Geneva Business School. The objective was to prepare them for the post-COVID 19 world, where each of us will need to leverage our greatest talents and make the best decisions of our lives as we re-enter a new and very challenging world. It was a highly interactive workshop and everyone came up with their 3 most important values, 3 greatest talents and 3 deepest aspirations, as well as the best and worst decisions of their lives! Awesome experience with a super dynamic group of future leaders! Live extracts available soon.

Saint Gervais, France

Redefining Success

MyPhy founder Jonathan Cave had the privilege to be interviewed on the LifeWise Podcast by the inspirational Tania Cotton (Founder of about “Redefining Success”, a subject which affects so many of us. Listen to the full podcast click here

Geneva, Switzerland

Unlocking potential in individuals and groups

Geneva Business School (GBS) invited MyPhy founder Jonathan Cave to deliver a workshop this week on how to unlock potential in individuals and groups. Key learnings included understanding the awesome power of relationships as the pathway to success in any endeavour, how to create “synergy” within a group to achieve outstanding results and how to adopt a growth mindset to instil a culture of constant improvement and progress. What a way to start the new semester!

Cartagena, Colombia

Stepping out of your comfort zone to realise your true potential

MyPhy founder Jonathan Cave was honoured to visit a school in Cartagena, Colombia and challenge the children about 2 critical aspects of realising their potential, namely stepping out of their “comfort zone” every single day and having the courage to use their talents and show us all they are unique, wonderful human beings capable of making a positive difference.

Geneva, Switzerland

2020 Workshop Calendar Released

We are delighted to announce our 2020 Q1 Workshop Calendar totally focused on developing leadership capabilities towards achieving 2020 objectives. Our team of experts will deliver one or two-day workshops in the following areas: developing assertiveness, adopting a growth mindset, efficient time management, increasing energy & reducing stress, going from pain to performance to make your body your greatest asset. Places are limited as we favour intimate groups (8max) so book early. Click here.

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