Geneva, Switzerland

Vision 2020 Leadership Programme

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the third Vision 2020 Leadership Programme. Through a series of individual and group coaching sessions, this exclusive coaching programme for men and women leaders gave participants clarity of vision, a greater self-awareness for better decision making and practical tools to accelerate the path to success. If you are a leader looking to enhance your self-leadership, the next Vision programme will run from September to November. Please email us at for more information.

Geneva, Switzerland

Strengthening Inner Confidence for Leaders

MyPhy is delighted to announce an 8-week coaching programme for July and August, to help managers master the strategies that deliver impact, purpose and potential and navigate through challenging times. Strengthening Inner Confidence is now more important than ever, and our interactive approach is designed to boost your leadership skills over the summer. Click here for more information

Geneva, Switzerland

MyPhy E-Learning Programme – Free Access!

We are making our online e-learning programme accessible to the world, as our contribution to “Community” during this COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever, people feel the need to reset and reboot, in order to better face the great challenges (health, economic, social etc.) that lie ahead. To be able to look forward with genuine confidence and courage, we need to come from a place of greater clarity and balance. This programme helps you get to that place. Click here to access

Geneva, Switzerland

How to Leverage Your Talents & Make Better Decisions

MyPhy Founder Jonathan Cave delivered a 2-hour remote workshop to 100+ students and alumni of Geneva Business School. The objective was to prepare them for the post-COVID 19 world, where each of us will need to leverage our greatest talents and make the best decisions of our lives as we re-enter a new and very challenging world. It was a highly interactive workshop and everyone came up with their 3 most important values, 3 greatest talents and 3 deepest aspirations, as well as the best and worst decisions of their lives! Awesome experience with a super dynamic group of future leaders! Live extracts available soon.

Saint Gervais, France

Redefining Success

MyPhy founder Jonathan Cave had the privilege to be interviewed on the LifeWise Podcast by the inspirational Tania Cotton (Founder of about “Redefining Success”, a subject which affects so many of us. Listen to the full podcast click here

Geneva, Switzerland

Unlocking potential in individuals and groups

Geneva Business School (GBS) invited MyPhy founder Jonathan Cave to deliver a workshop this week on how to unlock potential in individuals and groups. Key learnings included understanding the awesome power of relationships as the pathway to success in any endeavour, how to create “synergy” within a group to achieve outstanding results and how to adopt a growth mindset to instil a culture of constant improvement and progress. What a way to start the new semester!

Cartagena, Colombia

Stepping out of your comfort zone to realise your true potential

MyPhy founder Jonathan Cave was honoured to visit a school in Cartagena, Colombia and challenge the children about 2 critical aspects of realising their potential, namely stepping out of their “comfort zone” every single day and having the courage to use their talents and show us all they are unique, wonderful human beings capable of making a positive difference.

Geneva, Switzerland

2020 Workshop Calendar Released

We are delighted to announce our 2020 Q1 Workshop Calendar totally focused on developing leadership capabilities towards achieving 2020 objectives. Our team of experts will deliver one or two-day workshops in the following areas: developing assertiveness, adopting a growth mindset, efficient time management, increasing energy & reducing stress, going from pain to performance to make your body your greatest asset. Places are limited as we favour intimate groups (8max) so book early. Click here.

London, UK

Rock My World

“MyPhy Founder Jonathan Cave was invited to speak at the Family Business Place 2019 “Rock My World” in London recently, on how families can achieve lasting success in three clear steps. To find how your family can benefit from this approach, get in touch

Geneva, Switzerland

Women’s Leadership Conference

Great feedback still pouring in – delighted so many participants from WLC19 shared their experiences and photos of the day on social media. The great energy in the room now manifesting itself in great networking opportunities. In the words of one of our moderators: more women, more business, more success. Now looking towards WLC20 and taking it to the next level!

Geneva, Switzerland

Women’s Leadership Conference

Delighted to have hosted MyPhy’s first Women’s Leadership Conference with so many women leaders from around the world flying in for this unique event. Having the courage to do things differently, making our voices heard and standing strong together for gender-fair behaviour were just some of the resonating themes discussed on the day.

Geneva, Switzerland

Women’s Leadership Conference

MyPhy is delighted to announce there are 55 confirmed women leaders coming from around the world for MyPhy’s first Women’s Leadership Conference in Geneva on November 5.  Only 5 places remaining before we are sold-out! The energy and inspiration from this group of “movers and shakers” is going to be something to behold. The entire MyPhy team is very excited to organise this event and humbled by the incredible response. Don’t miss out!

Paris, France

Authentic Leadership

MyPhy Founder Jonathan Cave was honoured to speak at a Conference organised by the French Association of Voice Dialogue in Paris on the subject of Authentic Leadership. He shared the stage with Sylvie Deffayet Davrout (Director at l’EDHEC, Chair in Leadership Development), Axel Cano (CEO of France de Saint Maclou) and Robert Stamboliev (renowned psychologist and the man who brought Voice Dialogue to Europe).

Geneva, Switzerland

Unlock Your Success

MyPhy CEO Jonathan Cave gave a dynamic team-building session for new students at Geneva Business School, with two clear objectives: firstly, to get everyone to know each other in a short space of time, and secondly, to learn 3 strategies to unlock potential towards having a great year.

Geneva, Switzerland

Women’s Leadership Conference – Latest News

30 women leaders from business, politics, academia, civil society, international organisations, finance and the arts have already registered for the conference! They will be coming from as far afield as the US, Pakistan, the UK, Slovenia, Portugal and of course Switzerland. Will you be joining us too? For more information and to register, visit

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